How to Improve Your Tarot Readings


Five easy steps…

Write Them Down

The single best way to improve your readings it to get in the habit of writing them down and reviewing them once a year. Nothing improves your skills better than learning from your past.

Trust Your Intuition

Your intuition is your most powerful tool in the art of tarot reading. You can learn other people’s meanings from as many sources as you like, but it still boils down to how you put those meanings together and the only way to do that is to feel your way through it.

Don’t Allow Tarot to Take Over Your Life

The second you allow tarot to take over your life and your decision making you lose control of what tarot is supposed to be, nothing but a tool. You wouldn’t let a hammer or a blender to take over your life so don’t let tarot do it.

Be Emotionally Centred When You Read

As much as I would like readings to be mostly for fun sometimes they can bring up very deep emotions that need to be dealt with. Whether you are reading for yourself or for others make sure you are in a good place emotionally when reading. Stay centred and grounded. Make sure you aren’t distraught or desperate when you get a reading. Clarity is vitally important for a reading to be worth it.

Act on the Advice Given

It defeats the purpose of asking for advice if you don’t take it. If you are going to do what you are going to do regardless of what anyone else says, be it your cards or another reader, save yourself the trouble and don’t bother. Tarot is a tool for improving your life, not a cut and dried, set in stone vision of the definite future.

No matter how long you have been reading for you will always be learning and improving your skills. It’s not like you reach a line in the sand and are suddenly a perfect reader. There’s no such thing. So enjoy the process as much as you can. Tarot can help you navigate your life but it can’t ever live your life for you.


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