Top Ten Ways to Change Your Life For The Better

We turn to fortune telling for one main reason. We want our lives to be better. All a fortune can tell you is what will likely happen if you keep going the way you are, so if you get a reading and the future is not what you want it to be it’s time to do something differently and create the life you want. Here are ten ways to do that.

1- Do Something Different

Are you a creature of habit following the same routines day in day out, week after week, month after month? If you want to change your life for the better change those routines up a little. Get up earlier or later, take a different route to work, or say hello to someone you might not normally take the time to be friendly with for example. The whole point of this exercise is to shake up your day to day “normalness” and allow your brain to be creative. It’s from these creative and new thoughts that a solution to what is troubling you is likely to come. It’s pleasurable to have new and creative thoughts, to create “A-ha!” moments that can lead to breakthroughs and open new doors.

2- Prioritise Your Values

I’ve often spoken on this blog about the importance of knowing what your values are because that is something I so often see in people who come to me for readings. A confusion about what is truly important to them. Sometimes we simply don’t know what is more important to us until we’ve lived in a situation that brings two or more of our values into conflict. Most notably the need to be happy versus the need to be in a relationship. I’m not suggesting that some values are mutually exclusive- obviously you can be in a relationship and be happy but sometimes life doesn’t work like that. Sometimes you have to choose being true to yourself over financial stability for example. Whatever your personal circumstances, you can change your life for the better if you put some thought into which values are more important to you. Knowing those values and their importance to you makes decision making easier.

3- Make A To Do List

It’s an oldy but a goody for a reason. Something as simple as a to-do list takes some of the pressure off your subconscious. You can have simple daily lists or longer monthly lists or even life time lists. I love bucket lists and pretty much any method that allows you to get out on a piece of paper and solidify your desires and goals. Once you have those goals and desires on paper your brain doesn’t need to keep thinking about them and, in my experience, to do lists have a funny way of getting done even when you aren’t consciously working towards them. I tend to think there’s a little bit of magic in list making, but that could just be me.

4- Make A Collage

This is very similar to the list making above but works much better for those of us who are visual creatures. Get a nice big piece of cardboard and cut and paste words and pictures that represent something you want, be it a relationship, home, holiday, job or whatever you desire. Spend as long as you like putting it together and really imagine and immerse yourself in the feeling of that desire being true. Make sure you put your finished collage somewhere you can see it every day and every time you see it recall that good feeling of your desire being true. DO NOT worry about the how and the why it will come true. Just enjoy the feeling of it actually being true. This is one of the easiest and best methods to utilise the Law of Attraction.

5- Do A Self Examination

Sometimes the only thing we need to do to change our lives for the better is to really look at ourselves. NOT to judge but to examine. One method to do this is to write yourself questions with the hand you normally write with and to answer those question by writing with your non dominant hand (don’t worry if it’s messy, you just need to be able to read it). There are plenty of methods out there for self-examination, from psychological tests to getting your full horoscope cast. Whatever methods you choose just remember that the important part is to get to know yourself not to beat yourself up. Remember that we all have strengths and weaknesses and knowing those is an important part of changing your life for the better.

6-Solve One Issue At A Time

When it all feels overwhelmingly shit the only thing to do is to solve one issue at a time. Always start from the inside out. The only thing we have any real control over is ourselves so it’s always the best place to start when solving issues in your life. If you have unresolved issues then deal with them before you move on to dealing with outside factors. Whatever you do don’t chuck it all in and try to make a brand new life for yourself all at once. Remember that wherever you go, you’ll always be there so any internal issues will just come with you. Make big life changes like a move interstate or a new career when you are feeling stable and whole within yourself. Problems are much easier to handle one at a time, so make sure to cut yourself some slack and allow that everything doesn’t need to be perfect all at once.

7- Cultivate Healthy Friendships

A healthy friendship is one where you come away feeling energised after spending time with your friend, and they feel the same. An unhealthy friendship is one where you feel dread at the prospect of seeing your friend or exhausted afterwards. We stay with unhealthy relationships and friendships for a myriad of reasons but the bottom line is that unhealthy or toxic friendships and relationships are bad for you. The solution is to spend time with people who make you feel good and avoid people who make you feel bad. It sounds simple and obvious but all too often our obligations and loyalties blind us to toxic friendships and their effects on us.

8- Laugh

Another simple but often overlooked part of changing your life for the better. There are a whole heap of scientific reasons that laughing is good for us, from the way laughter alters our body chemistry to the way that a fake smile can trick your body into a better mood but it boils down to one thing. Laughter makes life enjoyable. All our problems are much easier to deal with from a happy and optimistic frame of mind and laughter will get us there. Besides, sometimes things are out of our control which leaves us with the only thing we can control- our ability to see the funny side of things.

9- Reward Your Achievements

It’s important that you recognise your own achievements. There’s no point waiting around for anyone else around you to pat you on the back because sometimes people will have no idea of your internal processes to get to a goal. If you know just how hard it’s been for you to accept a personal flaw or reach a difficult goal then go ahead and celebrate that in whatever way validates you. All too often we are our own worst critics, well this advice is about being the opposite- be your own cheer squad. And because that is so much easier said than done, start small and reward your achievements as you go. It’s the best way to train yourself to be your own best friend rather than your own worst enemy.

10- Choose Contentment

Last but not least, choosing contentment. This one is for all us perfectionists who can’t rest until it’s … what? I’ve never worked out where to stop with “perfection” so I chose to be content instead of “right”. This is where embracing the concept of “good enough” is actually liberating. Maybe the need for perfection and the pressure we place on ourselves to achieve it is a holdover from our school days when it was all life and death and “this will affect the rest of your life” kind of thinking. This is the advice that tells you to consciously choose not to keep up the Joneses, be happy right here, right now, with what you have. Count your blessings and appreciate the journey you are on. No matter where you are in life or what you are doing and who you are doing it with, you can be happy within yourself by simply choosing to be. And it boils down to one simple thought- that you are good enough exactly as you are. Everything you have on top of that is simply a bonus.


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