Card Meanings Rider Waite- The Fool 0

“We are never so close to being fools as when we think ourselves wise,”

To me, this quote illustrates the Fool the best. The Fool thinks he knows everything there is to know just like when we were teenagers we thought we knew it all. The Fool is brimming with optimism, convinced of his own brilliance and utterly unaware that anything could possibly go wrong. All in all, it’s a good place to start because at least he is starting. He hasn’t talked himself out of something before he’s even begun, he sees the possibilities not the problems. He’s the consummate “glass half full” person.

In a reading the Fool’s appearance suggests the start of something new. And it’s the ultimate beginning, even more so then the Ace’s because of it’s deeply spiritual nature. The start of all spiritual journey’s is the acknowledgment that a journey is there to be undertaken. The Fool appears most often when you simply don’t know what happens next but you darn sure want to find out. It is the willingness to leap into the great unknown, of sometimes not being aware that there is a great unknown to find.

In relationship readings the Fool is about new beginnings, adventure and a total lack of regard for consequences. There is also somewhat of an element of loving for the sake of it. In love with the idea of love, as it were. This can be both good and bad. Sometimes it involves seeing the other as a romanticized version of themselves, that is not so much as they really are but as they wish them to be. Think the poet who compares the colour of his loves eyes to the blue of a summers day. Very sweet but not very practical.

In a negative spread position the Fool becomes almost a parody of himself. I often think of Romeo and Juliet. So in love with the idea of love and with each other that the consequences of their relationship were the furthest thing from their minds. So quick to act on their feelings that they neglected all the other elements essential to a happy and full life. The Fool in a negative space become self absorbed, willfully blind and so determined to ‘follow their heart’ that practical considerations are left far behind. It is to act, not only disregarding consequences, but to act as if consequences cannot touch you. Like the man who, having jumped from the top floor of the building says passing the third floor, ‘see I’m doing just fine’.

As a person the Fool can represent someone who refuses to see the world as it really is and chooses instead to see it as he wishes. This can be both positive and negative. Sometimes optimism is called for and it is an important step to take on the journey to creating your own reality BUT sometimes it borders on stupid, like when someone thinks they can ‘positive think’ away a life threatening disease. As a person the fool always represents someone who seems young at heart. Someone who is often tilting at windmills and who never allows the occasional failure to dint their enthusiasm. These people are often fun to be around, though they can be rather exhausting. You’ll often hear them say, “But this is different!”

As a guided meditation, the Fool will take you to the place you need to begin your journey into self. He marks the divide between what you already know and what is a mystery to you.


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