Long Distance Readings

It is possible to do long distance readings or indeed, readings where you don’t even know who you are reading for. Sometimes, the best readings are the ones where you literally don’t know a thing about the person receiving it. My theory about why this works is all a bit quantum. If the physics is a bit much, think of it as the universal truth that we are all connected. You always get the right answer at the right time. The only thing that stops that from happening is our own over analytical minds. The beauty of long distance reading is that it is much easier to take our tendency to make even the tiniest of judgements out of the equation.

Some of the best readings I have both given and received have been with no more information then a question and a username- not even the persons real name! It’s scary when you have literally nothing but your intuitions and impressions to go by and you do run the risk of going down the completely wrong path, but when you do get it right it feels amazing. As a sitter you know that the answer you have been given is based on nothing but actual intuition and messages, and as a reader it’s confirmation that you really aren’t just making it all up. Believe me when I tell you that even the best of us occasionally wonder.

To give you an example of how this works I’ll share a personal story with you. I joined in with a group exercise one day online revolving around passing on messages from passed loved ones. Now generally I don’t do talking to dead people, even though it’s something of talent within my family (they have all denied it being of a certain generation of European background, but it’s definitely there)- the reason being that it just creeps me out (my apologies to genuine mediums out there I do respect what you do, but I just don’t feel terribly comfortable doing it myself). But at the time I was curious to see if I could do it, so I joined in. I was paired with a lovely lady who’s name I can’t for the life of me remember at this point. We didn’t have anything to go by except the screen name of our partners- no background, no question, nothing- and the assignment was to simply see what would come. So I sat there, quietly, waiting to hear something and a little bit afraid I would see something I would rather not. I don’t remember actually hearing anything but after a while it was as if I had a new memory of a conversation I’d just had. I jotted down all the relevant points on my notepad feeling for all the world as if I was making it up, wondering if my partner would be able to relate to anything that I had picked up on. It turned out she did. I thought that I had picked up on just one of her uncles but she said the details I related came from two of them and they were all accurate and all relevant. You could have knocked me over with a feather I was so surprised by her response. The moral of the story is that if she had been sitting in the room with me at the time I would have unconsciously been paying more attention to her response then to what I was picking up on. I would probably have tried to tailor what I was ‘hearing’ into something I thought she would recognise. Because she wasn’t there I had to rely simply on what I was getting. And it worked.

Having said that I don’t really believe that long distance reading always works. There are of course many people out there who want to make a living out of fortune telling who are unscrupulous enough to take you for a ride. I suggest staying away from anyone who charges by the minute and then draws out the reading, or those “call now!” kind of numbers. There are far better places to find reputable and good readers at much fairer prices, but more on that at a later date.

Some readers can work long distance with nothing but a name, others need more information, like a photo or something personal. This isn’t strictly necessary but it does help the reader connect emotionally and psychically to the sitter- gives them a link if you will- and allows the reader to read with more confidence. If you happen to find the perfect reader but they are on the other side of the world from you, don’t worry, they can do their job just fine from there.


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