Asking the Same Question Again and Again and Again

We all do this. Honest. It’s not something to be ashamed about. If you are reading cards (or getting your cards read) in the first place, you are probably the sort of person who’s not very good at just letting stuff go and waiting and seeing. We want to know what happens next or we wouldn’t bother trying to see the future. We were the sort of kids who were shaking the Christmas presents trying to work out what they were, or constantly asking ‘why’, ‘are we there yet’ and ‘what happens next’?

So as a consequence, when we have a burning issue we tend to ask about it repetitively. We get very creative about wording our questions-

  • Will we get back together?
  • Does he still love me?
  • Will I see him at the event?
  • Will he call me?
  • Should I call him?
  • Is he my soul mate?


All variations on a theme- and I’m sure there’s many more. There isn’t anything wrong with this. Will it be helpful in actually seeing the future? Probably not, but it does make you feel better- it gives you a sense of control over a situation where you have no control. It at least makes you feel like you are doing something.

There are a few of traps to watch out for.

  • Don’t get too hung up on the answers you get to any questions that you have a deep emotional involvement in. That is, take it all with a grain of salt. Our emotions are very powerful and can sway the reading and coupled with our less then 20/20 vision when we are very attached to the outcome such readings can be less accurate.
  • Don’t keep reading till you get the answer you want. You’ll just confuse yourself and get more disappointed. It’s tough, but learn to understand the answer you have before you just do it again.
  • Give yourself time. Let enough time pass before you ask again about an issue that is very important. 1- you need time to allow events to develop (think of it as a good stew) and 2- you really do need time to understand the reading you have.


The trickiest part of this is recognising when you are doing it. If you read the list above and thought all those questions were really different and worth asking all in one sitting then chances are you are going to get very confused readings. If you do want to know all those things do a bigger or more general reading- if you do specifically want to know those things pick one or two at the most and leave it at that. Do another question a week later.

The best advice for when you get into that burning need to know frame of mind is to take that as a cue to do some self work. Do some readings centred around what you need to know to grow spiritually, that sort of thing. The more obsessed you get about outside influences/ people or situations the less in control of your own life you feel and the more of an off putting energy you put out there. It’s the single best way to slow down the very progress you want to make. It makes your energy desperate which blocks growth and development.

Lastly, don’t be too hard yourself when you fall into the trap. As I said, we all do it. It’s not the end of the world. The best thing to remember is that “this too shall pass”. Believe it or not, you won’t always be in the frame of mind that makes you want to read repetitively about a certain subject.


What do you think?

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