Card Meanings Rider- Waite- The Sevens

The sevens are complication, a development that may or may not have been expected but needs to be dealt with. The Keywords here are:

  • 7 of Wands- defence
  • 7 of Cups- opportunity
  • 7 of Pentacles- patience
  • 7 of Swords- deceit

Going Deeper

7 of Wands

The 7 of wands represents a need to defend your position. You are being challenged to prove yourself. Sometimes this is as simple as walking your talk- you’ve said you were going to do something and now you need to do it- or it can be as complicated as explaining your actions or lack of action. For whatever reason it seems as if you are on the back foot when the 7 of wands appears. People are often busy over complicating things when this card appears, it’s time to streamline again and get back to basics. Clear your mind and really think about where you are at and what you are doing.

In relationship readings the 7 of wands suggests a need to create personal space. Too often we lose ourselves in relationships or feel overwhelmed by the other person. The 7 of wands suggests it’s time to re-establish your personal boundaries. This card often comes up for those who have trouble saying “no”. At it’s worst it can feel like being personally attacked.

In negative spread positions you could be feeling attacked from all sides or hemmed in by other people’s needs and expectations. There is a danger that your defensiveness could turn into “attack first before someone else can attack you”. It’s worth pulling back a little and re-examining the situation. It’s never as bad as it appears or feels when the 7 of wands appears- it’s time to create some breathing space for yourself and think things through.

As a person the 7 of wands represents “the battler”- someone who will keep pressing a point in the face of all opposition. It is sometimes difficult to get the people represented by this card to see things from another perspective because they are too busy trying to make sure you are seeing things from their point of view.

7 of Cups

Spoilt for choice is the first thing that always comes to my mind when I see this card. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. This card represents something of a crossroads- there is opportunity aplenty here. Trouble is there is nothing to separate good opportunities from bad ones. Sometimes there really is too many options or possible path ways. If you are decisive and know what you want then it’s a good thing. If however you simply don’t know what you want, then the 7 of Cups represents that indecision.

In relationship readings the 7 of cups suggests there are many possible courses of action or possibilities. This would often come up if you were dating or looking for someone to date, or if you and your partner were trying to decide what to aim for next. The best thing to do is examine all your options- no one is asking for a decision here and now; this is about looking at the possibilities.

In negative spread positions it can indicate trying to have it all or being unwilling to give up any opportunities so not taking any path. At it’s worst it is someone who does choose to have it all by being unfaithful or untrue. This is the person who wants to have their cake and it too but lets others pay the price of that choice.

As a person the 7 of cups is someone who says “on the other hand” a lot, someone who can see from multiple points of view and will often avoid being pinned down to one opinion. They often have many different ventures going on at once for example dating lots of different people or working multiple jobs.

7 of Pentacles

All you can do is wait patiently when the 7 of Pentacles appears. Things are growing, slowly and steadily. You can’t hurry the harvest. Trust that what you have set in motion is happening. This is the card of long term investments and sustainable growth.

In relationship readings this card suggests longevity. It represents a growth phase which may not be apparent on the surface but is happening. Things are steadily getting deeper and more comfortable between you and your partner. It can also indicate a period of saving for a long term goal.

In negative spread positions the 7 of pentacles becomes slow to the point of stagnation. Waiting, waiting, waiting for something that will never happen. It’s the partner who thinks if they just hold on long enough the other person will change. It’s throwing good money after bad, or more time at a situation in the hopes that what has been invested up to this point won’t be wasted.

As a person the 7 of pentacles is the gardener, slow, steady, dependable and patient. At it’s worst it can be the “gonna do” person, someone who is always talking about what they are going to do but never seeming to actually do it.

7 of Swords

The sneaky 7 of swords thinks he can get away with anything. If he gets caught with those swords he’s just going to talk his way out of it. Someone isn’t telling the truth when the 7 of swords appears. Sometimes that can be for a good reason (if it appears in either a positive spread position or in combination with very positive cards) but most often it’s someone trying to pull one over on you. Watch out!

In relationship readings you need to think twice about what you are being told by your significant other. Something isn’t adding up. They are either deceiving you on purpose or you are deceiving yourself about what is really going on. Try to avoid the tendency to see what you want to see when this card appears. Make sure you have your facts checked and never ever take it for granted that you know what is going on in the other persons head.

In negative spread positions the 7 of swords is outright maliciousness. Someone is stealing from you- whether it is stealing your time, money or energy- someone thinks they have one over you.

As a person the 7 of swords is someone who is rather liberal with the truth- they wouldn’t consider themselves liars but that’s only because they truly believe what they are telling you. They aren’t so much malicious as deluded and they always consider themselves clever.


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