The Question- When What You Say and What You Mean Are Two Different Things

I had a perfectly good example of this over the last week. I asked “Will we get 100mm of rain?” using the KISS principle. However what I was thinking was, “omg the water tanks are getting really low and we so need rain to fill them I hope we get enough soon.” The answer I got was a kind of wavery ‘yes but..’ that felt like a yes but still not quite. Well this week I can say that it was because we got 93mm of rain, which is close enough to the intention of what I asked with actually being what I asked. To be strictly correct, the cards should have said “no” because we didn’t get the 100mm, but of course they over rode my wording and went for my intent, which was “lots”, enough to fill the tanks (which it did).

What you have here is the interesting phenomenon of cards or oracles answering the question your subconscious is asking rather then your over controlling conscious mind. It happens. Probably more often then you would think. My theory is that seeing as we are working with our subconscious anyway, that’s the voice that is heard. Sometimes we do over think the question in an effort to clarify. I have often had querents tell me that the reading didn’t make any sense to them in regards to the question they asked me. Then they’ll me what they were actually thinking about when they shuffled and the reading makes perfect sense. Every now and then the cards will override your actual question and what you are thinking about to tell you something that you really do need to know, something more urgent.

The lesson here is, if you get a reading that doesn’t seem to make sense or answer your question, think about what was actually going through your mind when you shuffled. Most readings do answer our questions, even if they aren’t always the questions we thought we asked.


6 thoughts on “The Question- When What You Say and What You Mean Are Two Different Things

  1. Hi FGM!
    I found a pack of Titania’s fortune cards for 5 dollars (yet thats my budget right now!) i have attempted a couple of readings and have been thrilled with the way the cards seem to speak…. I was wondering, can you use these cards in a simpler way than the 7 or 9 card spreads suggested ….do you have any suggestions for reading with them based on your experience? mostly i read for myself, but a couple of friends will occasionally ask…..
    LOVE Arna

    • Awesome find. They are definetly one of my favourite decks to work with. For something simpler try the Harsh Truth Spread. Thats the one I did for you in the Free Readings and listed on the Top Ten Relationships Spreads. It’s one card per spot and the ones that you pay most attention too are the “what is true” and “what will happen”. Thats what i use most often to answer simple questions.

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