My Top Ten Exercises to Flex Your Intuitive Muscles

While intuition is such a personal thing, there are lots of exercises you can try to help develop and strengthen your trust in your own intuition. These are the top ten things that work for me.

10- Read Lots Of Trivia

How To Do It

Read. A lot. Lots of different things from as many different sources as you can.

Why it Works

Consider trivia to be fodder for your intuition. Often we know things without knowing how we know them because we forgot that once upon a time we read something about it once. When you ask the Universe for a sign it helps if some part of you knows that feathers in strange places can mean a message. It helps even more if you know that crows are renowned for their intelligence and tool using ability so it’s not impossible to make the intuitive leap that black feather you found not long after you asked for a sign could be telling you that you should be using your intelligence and the tools at hand to make progress on whatever you asked about in the first place. Sometimes it is worth filling your head with stuff in order to hear your intuition. I know that runs counter to a lot of advice out there. Again, I’m just saying what works for me. But you would be amazed at how often we come across relevant trivia when we are looking for answers.

9- Ground

How to Do It

Pick a method, any method. My favourite method is to imagine myself as a tree. I feel my energy going down into the earth as roots, picking up the nourishing strength of Mother Earth and feeding her my negativity, my angry thoughts, my “grr’s” from the day. I can feel my branches spread out, my leaves unfurl, picking up the warmth of the sun or the cool strength of the moon. As my energy spreads out I feel calmer. I let myself feel.  It is a physical sensation. It feels like being more in your body. I don’t know how else to describe it. If you’re a healthy exercising sort of person, it’s similar to the feeling you get after a good work out. The more grounded you are the less anything will faze you.

Why it Works

Our intuitions work best when we aren’t busy interfering with them. That means- cut out the over think.  When we know something we know it because we haven’t analysed it to death. The best way to do that is by actually being present. Don’t get me wrong. I’m an expert at over thinking things. I do it all the time. But we do need to constantly remind ourselves to stop. Take a deep breath. Just be. Grounding is essential in any psychic work. You should ground and shield before and after any reading. But it is a constant reminder. Life and programming get in the way, so it’s always worth checking your emotional state. Are you or are you not very grounded? The more emotional we are, the less grounded we are. And life has a way of making us all emotional.

8- Switch Your Body Off

How to Do It

When you go to bed, relax. Start at your feet. Tell yourself you can feel your feet. That your feet are very sleepy. That all the negativity is draining out of your feet and that your feet are falling asleep. Then tell yourself that your ankles are very sleepy. You can feel all the negativity draining out of your ankles and your ankles are falling asleep. Then you can feel your calves, your calves are sleepy, all the negativity is draining out of your calves, your calves are falling asleep. Keep going till you reach your head. Don’t worry when your brain  cuts in and starts talking about something that happened during your day. Unless you are Superman, you will lose track somewhere along the line. As soon as you notice just pick it up again from the last place you remember and keep going.

Why it Works

Well firstly, it’s the best way to get a really restful nights sleep. If you are the sort of person that only sleeps a few hours, then you’ll notice that a few hours sleep after you have “switched your body off” will be more energising than any other. Other then that I’m not 100% sure why it works. My theory is that it comes back to the being hyper aware of your physicality. Plus allowing yourself to drain away residual negativity that may or may not come from other people, is always a good thing. Dreams are clearer and more useful after switching off your body. Problems that you need solving always come clearer the morning after. For what ever reason, it is a useful mediation and I highly recommend trying it.

7- Meditation

How to Do It

Whatever works for you.

I am not an “empty mind” kind of person. I have never gotten the hang of mediations that demanded a silent mind. Sorry. I felt bad about that until the day I discovered that was actually normal. So instead, I concentrate on methods of mediations that do work for me. Either affirmations (sentences repeated in the mind) or pictures or an all encompassing activity. My personal favourite meditation is to colour in mandalas. The kid in me loves colouring in, the adult in me feels proud of producing a beautiful artwork. As a side affect from this kind of meditation, I have a record of my ‘mood’ going back years based on my colour choices for various mandalas.

Why It Works

While it may not always achieve a silent mind you do get a quiet one. Trying to hear your intuition while your mind is going a hundred miles an hour is like trying to have a conversation at a loud party. You both have to shout to be heard and even then it’s usually only the most superficial of conversations. For a deep and meaningful conversation with your intuition you need a quiet room. Meditation has a long history for a reason. It works.

6- Card of the Day

How To Do It

Pick a card, any card, at the beginning of your day. Journal what you think it means then forget about it. It is really important that you don’t spend the whole day thinking about the card and it’s meanings. At the end of your day, write down what actually happened. Don’t spend every day trying to tie the two together. Once a month, or every three months or even six months, look for overall patterns. This works best over long periods of time. So don’t rush the process. You can also do this with dreams, or gut feelings or patterns of the snail trails in your garden or whatever.

Why It Works

Everybody’s subconscious and intuition speaks an individual language. This technique helps you learn your own language. It’s not an instant process. It takes time and the ability to see the big picture. The point of this is to not only learn to listen to your intuition but to understand what your intuition is trying to tell you. When you learn a new language it often helps if you pick up an object and someone tells you what the word for it is in the language you’re learning. This works on the same sort of principle. You learn what your intuitive “word” is for say an up coming argument, or an unexpected compliment, or a developing complication, and so on.

5- Guessing Games

How To Do It

Instant guesses, with no thinking. What colour car will be the next one around the corner? How many petals on the flower? The next ad is going to be for? The price of the dress is? You get the idea. It is easier to play this with someone else because your competitive instincts cut in. Hubby to be and I play guessing games all the time because it’s fun. You can do it by yourself too though. What you are looking for is a hit rate of above 50/ 50. That is, you want to be right more then half of the time.

Why It Works

The trick is not to let yourself think about it. Think of it as creating and deepening the channel between you and your intuition. The more you get out of your own way the better you are at listening to your intuition. This game helps you practice that skill. It helps you learn what it feels like when you are genuinely hearing your intuition and when you are just thinking you are. It’s like when someone tells you to balance on one foot, only you know what that balance feels like.

4- Talk To Yourself

How To Do It

This is not as crazy at it sounds. To have a conversation with yourself it helps if you can write with both hands. If you can’t that’s fine, just practice. Eventually you’ll be able to read what you write with your non-dominant hand. So, write yourself a question with your normal writing hand, then answer it with the other one. Any question goes. Yes you can think about it. But you’ll find as time goes on with this exercise that you’ll write things you never thought you would with your non dominant hand.

Why It Works

I suspect it’s a brain thing. Hemispheres and all that. I read somewhere once that psychologists use this method to allow a persons inner child to speak. I think there’s a lot of merit in that. For me, it has meant getting to know myself better and getting past some of my ‘I’m a good/ mature person’ hang ups. For me, it’s been more about speaking with my shadow side than my inner child. I think it works because it’s outside the square. It means using more of your brain as opposed to more of your mind.

3- Get Elemental

How to Do It

Swim. Garden. Hike. Brush your pet. Whatever. This is about being tactile. It’s very similar to meditating but it’s important that you are connecting with an element. For me, swimming and gardening work best because I’m partial to water and earth. Allow yourself to truly connect to something outside yourself that you can touch.

Why It Works

We aren’t islands. Every single one of us is deeply connected to everything else. You could go all quantum and start thinking about how we are all one but that does my head in if I think about it for too long. Connecting to one thing at a time is a step towards that Universal connection. It’s about finding a balance between sinking into the Universal All and still maintaining your individuality. It’s also about increasing your awareness of that All in smaller, more manageable steps. It flexes your intuitive muscles by allowing you to tap into something outside yourself, without getting overwhelmed. Start small (brushing your pet) and work your way up (swimming in the ocean and allowing yourself to feel all the world’s ocean’s). This is intuitive because you’ll only ever feel what you are ready to feel. Otherwise it just a nice swim or a happier pet.

2- Sleep on It

How To Do It

This one is an oldie but a goodie. If you are a people pleaser and always say “yes” to things you later regret practice saying, “I’ll get back to you.” Then sleep on it. If in the morning you feel good about the request, go for it. If on the other hand you don’t feel good about the request you have bought yourself time to think of a good reason why you can’t or won’t. This works for solving problems, seeing solutions, calming down, you name it. One simple sentence- I’ll get back to you. That’s it.

Why It Works

Our subconscious minds are the work horses of our mental gymnastics. Our conscious minds might be the thoroughbreds- fast but highly strung- but it’s our subconscious that carries us through. Digging deep, slow but steady, our subconscious always gets us there in the end. We just need to give it time to work. It works best when we aren’t in control any more. That is, when we are asleep. Sometimes we see the work in progress as dreams but most often we just wake up in the morning with a fresh perspective. As a side affect of sleeping on it, it allows us to make decision from our own energy centre, rather then being swayed by someone else’s sometimes dominant energy.

1- Trust it

How to Do It

Well, now, that’s the million dollar question isn’t. How do you just trust it? Simple. Learn not to beat yourself up when you get it wrong.

Why It Works

If you are here and reading this chances are you are already pretty interested in working with your intuition. The problem I have found over the years is that so many people simply don’t trust their intuitions because they think “but I was wrong about xyz, what if I’m wrong about this too?” Well? What if you are wrong? Is it a life and death situation? Will following your intuition possibly result in death or serious impairment? If the answer to that is no, then the only harm that could come from following your intuition is that you’ll be wrong. You may take a wrong turn, or suffer a hurt you’ll recover from, or a setback may cost you money or time or whatever. That’s it. You also run those same risks if you think about it or over analyse it. So in the end, it costs you nothing you wouldn’t have paid anyway to follow your intuition. Getting it wrong comes under the heading of Shit Happens. We pick ourselves up. Dust ourselves off. And keep on keeping on. We are allowed to be wrong. We are allowed to make idiots of ourselves. Because we are only human. To be human is to get things right and get things wrong. However, if you trust your intuition, and you’ve learnt to listen to it properly, learnt to tell the difference between what you want to hear and what you actually hear, then you will find that your intuition is far more right then wrong.

10 thoughts on “My Top Ten Exercises to Flex Your Intuitive Muscles

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  3. Hello Faerygodmother. I was happy to smile as I read this article, being a tree for grounding! That is exactly what I do, I imagine the wind blowing through my branches & leaves, cleansing away any un-needed energies & the gentle tug of the earth around my roots keeping me connected & safe (I also admit I am very partial to the odd tree hug every now)
    As for the guessing-game, well I drive my Husband “crazy” with this as I can’t resist “guessing” what’s going to happen next in a film, what the twist is that we are not supposed to expect & sometimes even the next line they are going to say.
    So thank you, I really enjoyed this article & I will happily try some of your other suggestions too. Thank you.

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