Can Intuition Be Taught?

Yes and no.

Yes, it is possible to strengthen and learn to work with the intuition you have. No, no one can teach you to work your intuition like they work with theirs.

As a bottom line I’d be very suspicious of any courses that charge you hundreds of dollars to use something you were born with. Some books can help, but only in as far as they can put into words something that you already know and unfortunately most are rather wishy washy. To tell which books are helpful and which are wishy washy open the book up to any page and read about a paragraph. If you find yourself nodding and saying to yourself, “hmm, that makes sense,” then it’s a good book. On the other hand if you find yourself not understanding half of it or wondering what on earth they are referring to then it’s most likely a big pass.

To learn to work with your intuition you need to start by acknowledging you have one. Too many people assume that they need some kind of special training or power to sense things. I think this comes from so many of us being conditioned from a young age to respect authority and give our power away- to make someone else responsible for our lives. Sometimes this can come from religious upbringings but it can also come from very authoritarian parents or bad childhoods where our power was taken away from us at a young age.

There is a simple reason why people have always said “to go with your gut”. It’s because we do feel our most primal intuitions physically. We feel sick to the stomach at the thought of a bad, scary or dangerous idea, or butterflies in our tummy when we think of something exciting. I have, however, met many people who literally don’t feel these sorts reactions. Through either childhood trauma or the nature of the person, they have found themselves disconnected from their physicality. So step one in learning to use your intuition is learning the signs your body gives you. Starting from as simple as how does it feel when you think about giving yourself a treat (hmmm chocolate…) to how it feels when you think about confronting your boss over a difficult issue. A solid grounding in your body’s natural responses is essential if you want to learn to use your intuition.

Once you are pretty sure you know your body’s language it’s time to move on to testing it on other things. We all sometimes practice run conversations in our minds before we have them. Try writing down what you think happen before a conversation, first with just your intellect then by stopping, breathing deeply, settling yourself down so your attention seems to come from around your tummy and jotting down the ideas that come from that state. Then afterwards go back and check how you did.

There are thousands of free and easy exercises you can try. I’ll be posting more on those in the coming weeks, for now I’ll just leave it at one final point about intuition. The only way to learn to use your intuition is to use it. I can describe the mechanics of riding a bike, but they only way to really learn to ride a bike is to hop on and give it a go. Sometimes you’ll fall off but so long as you keep on getting back on and trying you eventually get the hang of it. Learning to use your intuition is exactly like learning to ride a bike. Get on. Give it a go. And keep on trying.


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