Card Meanings Rider-Waite- The Sixes

The sixes are a fulfillment of a promise, not yet ultimate success but a stepping stone along the way. The Keywords here are:

  • 6 of Wands- victory
  • 6 of Cups- reminiscing
  • 6 of Pentacles- generosity
  • 6 of Swords- escape

Going Deeper

6 of Wands

The 6 of wands sees a victorious figure leading a parade. This is about accomplishment and celebrating a success. In some ways it’s not the success itself, it’s the rewards that come from that success. The achievement of a goal or task. Like all the sixes there is more to come with the 6 of Wands. It could symbolise something like achieving a promotion or successfully asking someone out on a date. It means you are part way there and now the hard work it still to come. Someone has invested their trust in you. You still have to fulfill that promise.

In relationship readings the 6 of wands is a good sign. It suggests things being taken to the next level or of having successfully overcome a hurdle. Again, it implies a certain level of trust has been reached. If there was a yes/ no element to your question then the 6 of wands could be taken as a resounding yes. It’s a green light. In some ways this card says “ok, I’ll give you your chance, let’s see what you’ve got”.

In negative spread positions the 6 of wands could indicate a sort of complacency. Resting on your laurels if you will. There’s also a level of arrogance with a negative 6 of wands, a sense of someone being too good for the company they keep. At it’s most negative it could indicate pride coming before the fall. Someone who has their nose so far up in the air they can’t see the big hole they’re about to fall into.

As a person the 6 of wands represents someone with a healthy dose of self confidence but not always arrogant. Someone who knows that they are more likely then not to succeed, and even if they don’t they bounce right back up and give it another shot.

6 of Cups

There’s such a lovely sweet innocence about the 6 of cups. It can often indicate the past, pleasant memories or childhood dreams. As an offering it is fresh and innocent, untainted by complications. Sometimes it’s simply giving for the sake of giving, for the sheer pleasure it brings without asking for anything in return. Whatever memories the 6 of cups brings up are usually pleasant ones unless it’s accompanied by very negative cards.

In relationship readings it usually indicates a long term friendship or innocent kind of relationship. It is soft and undemanding, rooted in kindness. Sometimes there a protective element as well but mostly it suggests a relationship that is safe and supportive.

In negative spread positions it can indicate being too wrapped up in the past or of having idealised someone else to the point of blindness. Seeing what you want to see rather then what is really there. It can also suggest being too afraid to move on in a relationship, being stuck where you are for fear of the next level.

As a person the 6 of cups is someone either childlike or someone you knew from your childhood. It can be the “Peter Pan” man- child who never grows up or the woman who still wants someone else to take care of her.

6 of Pentacles

On the surface the 6 of pentacles is generosity. Finding a helping hand when you need one or of being that helping hand yourself. Even at it’s best though there’s an element of that help coming at a cost. Think of it as a bank lending you money for a mortgage- they don’t do it because they are nice and want to see you in your own home, they do it because there’s something in it for them. Likewise, the help given or received in the 6 of Pentacles comes at a cost. Most often it’s a cost we are willing and happy to pay, but it is something to watch out for. It can also indicate loans and money transactions in general.

In relationship readings it can indicate that one partner has more power in the relationship then the other. It’s said that a relationship is always controlled by the partner who cares least- the one with the least to lose, and the 6 of pentacles represents that power imbalance. Someone is controlling the relationship by doling out affection and attention as it suits them, with the other partner simply happy to take the little that is offered. It’s not a healthy relationship when one partner feels beholden to the other.

In negative spread positions it can indicate someone controlling others through financial or energy means. Someone is using their power as a position to force compliance from someone else. Combined with certain other negative cards (for example the Devil) it can be outright manipulation, but on it’s own it can simply be subconscious power games and energy.

As a person the 6 of Pentacles can be your bank manager or someone who enjoys spreading money around whether or not they’ve got it. They’ll be the ones saying “I’ve got this” when it comes to paying for your meal. Badly placed it can be the friend who’s always asking for a $20 here or a $10 there and who never seems to pay it back.

6 of Swords

The 6 of swords is always a leave taking of one sort or another. Most often it is moving on from something emotionally- a sort of letting go. There is an intellectual aspect to this as well. It’s always a conscious decision to move on. On a practical level it could be simply travelling. I feel there’s always a sadness though with the 6 of swords. Something melancholy. Sometimes it hurts to leave these situations behind, even when you know it’s the best decision. There’s something of a battle between heart and head here too. Logic telling you one thing but your heart feeling another. The 6 of swords suggests that you’ve let logic win this particular battle, even if you don’t feel very good about it.

In relationship readings the 6 of swords is something of a parting of ways. It may not be the end of a relationship but there is a separation for what ever reason. Sometimes it’s simply an emotional distance, but the 6 of swords most often symbolises a physical separation.

In negative spread positions it can indicate running away, refusing to deal with something emotionally and letting your fears take over. Sometimes it’s seeing the worst in someone despite your emotional reaction. At it’s most extreme it about shutting down your emotions altogether and operating on a strictly intellectual level- pretending your emotions don’t exist at all. On the plus side, it’s not permanent. The 6 of swords always moves, even if it sometimes moves slowly. This too shall pass.

As a person the 6 of swords is just passing through. They never seem to stay in one place long, sometimes it’s because they are running from something in the past and sometimes it’s because they just get restless and want to know what’s over the next horizon.


4 thoughts on “Card Meanings Rider-Waite- The Sixes

  1. hi I love your blog I found it so helpful I need to ask you about tarot cards.
    what cards can determine if the person has a spell of witchcraft?
    I am not good in English and I hope you understand my question.
    many blessings to you

  2. hi I love your blog I found it so helpful I need to ask you about tarot cards.
    what cards can determine if the person has a spell of witchcraft?
    I am not good in English and I hope you understand my question.
    many blessings to you

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