Card Meanings for the Rider Waite- The Two’s

The two’s represent balance and decisions. The keywords here are-

  • 2 of Wands- Poised for action
  • 2 of Cups- Harmonious balance
  • 2 of Pentacles- Financial balance
  • 2 of Sword- Decision

Going Deeper

2 of Wands

In the 2 of wands the main figure stands looking out to sea with the world in his hands. This card could be said to be linked to the saying “the world is your oyster”. In short, it’s about being ready to take action. It’s the moment before you do something. The plans are in place, the tickets are booked and the date has been set. It’s the feeling of knowing that something could be great. At this moment in time you are still safe behind the wall but you are ready for what ever the world holds for you.

In relationship readings the 2 of wands is about being ready to take the next step. It’s about being ready for the possibilities and wanting to explore those possibilities. There is a danger that other person in your relationship has become your whole world. Which can be good or bad depending on the circumstances.

In negative spread positions the 2 of wands can be someone afraid to leave their comfort zone. Plans fall through because of lack of commitment or excuses for why things can’t be done. It’s someone who promises to do things “later”, or the tomorrow that never comes. Arguably negative is that the sense of constant waiting. It’s the person waiting for their travelling love to return home, or waiting for them to make an important realisation, or waiting for a question that might never come.

As a person the 2 of wands is a “world citizen”- they don’t see themselves as coming from any one place but as someone who feels comfortable no matter where they are. These people are amazingly good at fitting into any situation, even ones they’ve never been in before.

2 of Cups

In it’s simplest sense the 2 of Cups is an offer of love. It’s a lovely card to get in relationship readings because unlike the Ace of Cups which is all about the love you have, the 2 of Cups is love returned. There is a harmonious balance here, a real meeting of minds and hearts, a sense that you are on the same page as someone else. The symbol of the caduceus also suggests a healing- past hurts are smoothed over, there is new hope for a brighter future.

In relationship readings the offer of love might be a new relationship or a renewal in an existing relationship. It would indicate a deep and meaningful conversation in which hearts are laid bare and you both know what the other is really thinking. There is also a sense of being protected, almost a holiday from your real life, for example a romantic weekend get away.

In negative spread positions it can indicate a couple who is very insular- the couple who finish each others sentence, wear similar clothes and who can lose themselves into their “coupleness”. It can also suggest a couple for whom everything looks great on the surface but who have deep flaws or wounds that need to be healed. The sort of couple who are privately dealing with major issues without asking for outside help or who pretend that everything is fine when it’s not.

As a person the 2 of cups is incredibly balanced- it is the man in touch with his feminine side, or the woman who can match it with the blokes. The 2 of cups represents a happy all rounder who is comfortable and happy with themselves.

2 of Pentacles

2 of Pentacles is all about balancing your financial budget. It can indicate that as much is going out as is coming in, or that you have to ‘borrow from Peter to pay Paul’. It indicates a period of time which can be very emotional- experiencing lots of ups and downs- but the thrust of the card is to bring those extremes of emotion or circumstance into balance. It’s about getting your priorities in order and going back to living within your means if you have let yourself become undisciplined.

In relationship readings it can be about that extreme of emotion- being super confident about things one minute then wracked with self doubt. It can also be about the practicalities, who pays for what, can you afford to go on dates or shower your loved one with gifts. Our self worth is so often tied up with our bank balances that this plays a big part in whether we feel we deserve to be happy in love. Or it could be that one partners approach to money may be out of sync with the others. For example one partner is happy to go camping but the other wants five star hotels.

In negative spread positions it can show someone who spends emotionally. Someone who cranks up their credit card debt with “feel good” purchases, retail therapy you can’t really afford. Or it could be about living pay cheque to pay cheque. It does suggest however, that there is enough money, just that the money may not be being used wisely.

As a person the 2 of pentacles is a juggler, with a lot on their plate. they may be juggling two jobs or two separate aspects of their lives. They are often emotionally either really happy or really sad or really angry- there is never any doubting what this person is feeling!

2 of Swords

A decision needs to be made. This card is very similar to the Major Arcana card of Justice. I often refer to it as the little justice. The decision that needs to be made is generally a simple one- not necessarily a life changing one. It suggests that options are being weighed up and the logic is being followed. This is a decision that has probably been made emotionally it’s just that now you need to find the logical reasons for it- to justify the decision in a sense.

In relationship readings it suggests reserving judgement about someone or something until you have more information. Sometimes it’s about when you have a funny feeling about someone but you just don’t know why, rather then judge them outright you wait for more information. It’s about not condemning someone based on one incident that you didn’t like or agree with but waiting and seeing how it pans out.

In negative spread positions it can be about ignoring your instincts and trying to justify bad decisions with logic. It can be waiting too long for information that may or may not come or using lack of information as an excuse not to take action. Sometimes it can be flawed logic and defending bad decisions with that flawed logic- like the battered wife who says “but he promised not to do it again” or “he didn’t mean it”.

As a person the 2 of swords tries hard to be fair and impartial but often comes out looking simply blind. They often have a hard time actually making a decision but will stick with it once they have. There is always a lot more then meets the eyes with this person, what you see is NOT what you get!


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