To Reverse or Not to Reverse

I generally don’t read with reversals but I don’t have a problem with those who do. Personally, I think there’s more than enough meaning going on with 78 cards, the combinations and positions in spreads without throwing in reversals as well.

My advice is to avoid reversals if you are a beginner. Wait till you’ve well and truly got the hang of each and every card before trying it. The problem is that a reversed card doesn’t just mean the opposite of what the card is supposed to mean. It can mean that the energy is blocked, or twisted or  damaging in some way.

Every now and then in my readings a card will come out reversed even if I haven’t deliberately turned any cards in my deck. When that happens I’ll leave it and take particular note of it. Sometimes it’s just inexperienced shufflers (some of the decks are way too huge to shuffle comfortably unless you have King Kong’s hands), Sometimes it really is the way the cards want to be read.  

I do have a lot of admiration for those who can read reversals well, but I think it’s unnecessary. Before you look at including reversals in your readings make sure you know how to combine the meanings of your cards, how they relate to each other and what each card means in relation to the position in the spread you’ve chosen.


What do you think?

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