FaeryGodmother Fortunes

Fortune telling has gotten a bad reputaion over the years. With all the Hollywood movies portraying carnival gypsies, shonky “psychics” who want to convince people that all their problems will be solved if they just buy another $100 candle and $5 a minute phone calls that are read from scripts its no wonder people have dismissed fortune telling as something not worth their time. My mission is to clear up the myths, provide some sound information about what it and isn’t worth your time and money and, most importantly, bring back some fun.

So why am I qualified to do this? I have been reading cards and telling fortunes for over 16 years. I’ve done a lot of research and investigated many avenues. It’s time for me to put my knowledge of the subject to good use. Hopefully I can shed some light, answer some questions and, of course, tell some fortunes.


What do you think?

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